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How it works?

CurbDoc assists healthcare providers to optimize interprofessional communication. Facilitating medical consultations and improving efficiency in patient care has never been easier!

  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • Cloud-Based
  • Secure Communication


  • Revenue Generation

    CurbDoc produces current billing codes and time stamped transcripts for easy reimbursement.

  • Auto-Documentation

    CurbDoc captures your messages, images and audio/video duration to auto generate documentation so there is no extra work.

  • Time-Tracking Technology

    Enhance your productivity with our automated billable minute time tracker.

  • Speech To Text

    Transcribe audio instantly into text messages that can be easily edited and sent to healthcare providers.

  • Instant Notification

    Receive push notifications on your devices making communication with your healthcare providers more efficient.

  • Image Sharing

    Easily upload and securely share patient photos, labs, imaging and other files.

  • Audio and Video Calling

    Initiate end-to-end encrypted in-app audio and/or video calls with healthcare providers.

  • Variety of Specialties

    Quick access to clinical experts, featuring a wide variety of specialties and sub-specialties.


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CurbDoc is a secure communication application that facilitates billable interprofessional communication between healthcare providers.

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